Cadillac hosts annual Back to the Bricks car show

More than 400 cars participated in Back to the Bricks.

Car lovers from all over the state gathered Sunday for the 3rd Annual Back to the Bricks show in Cadillac.

Much of downtown Cadillac was blocked off to accommodate more than 400 cars that participated in the show.

Cars and trucks made from 1923 to 2014 filled the streets in many different models and colors.

At the end of the night prizes were given out for the top 25 cars. Sponsors, the Mayor, and the public also gave an award for their favorites.

â??You get to show off your old cars,â?? said Gary Wright, owner of a 1964 Mustang. â??You know you work on them all these years and get them up in nice shape and running good and people like to look at them, and it's a lot of fun doing that.â??

Back to the Bricks started in Flint, but is now making its way to other cities and getting bigger every year. Cadillacâ??s show nearly doubled in size from last year.