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      Calm weather slows Lake Michigan yacht race

      T housands of sailors on more than three hundred yachts are sailing across the Great Lakes to Mackinac Island.

      T he 105th Chicago to Mackinac Race started Saturday and now teams are beginning to arrive at the finish line, but so far it's been a slow start.

      " It's glass flat out there , so it's going to be a long race ," Chicago Yacht Club Race Officer Janet Crabb said.

      I t ha s be en called one of the slowest races in the event's history. C alm winds have made it difficult for even the best sailing teams.

      " The wind was almost non - existent and from there to here in there have been little puffs of breeze that everybody has wished

      f or and a few have gotten it and we were lucky enough to get a few and here we are," Yacht racer Gene McCarthy said.

      M c C arthy just completed his 60th Chicago to Mackinac race. He and his team can relax now that they have docked up at the marina.

      " The magi c of this island is the reason we all like to come here ," McCarthy said.

      E ven though it is a slow start at the finish line , they are still expecting a large crowd .

      " They come in frequent ly to our hotel s, restaurants , and bars," Chippewa Hotel General Manger Brian Bailey said. "It's one great big party up here, everyone's in a good mood, there is a lot of energy going on and they are just appear to have a great time after spending two to three days on the water."

      Three hundred boats will finish the race. A nd it is estimated that more than four thousand people will come to the island just for this event.