Can you help the FBI catch the "Respectful Robber"

The FBI wants your help in arresting the suspect known as the "Respectful Robber."

The suspect is wanted for three bank robberies last year, including the Lake Osceola State Bank on June 3rd in Luther, Lake Osceola State Bank on June 22nd in Wellston and Citizens National Bank on November 16th in Pellston.

The Respectful Robber is described as a white male, 20-30 years old, 6- 6"3 tall, and 180-200 lbs.

Simon Shaykhet, a spokesman with the FBI says, "The name the "Respectful Robber" is unusual, and the reason we're calling him that is because he was respectful the entire time he carried out these robberies. In fact, he went as far as to hold the door for someone coming in and out. And he also made sure not to use any profanity during the time of these crimes."

If you have any information regarding the suspect, the FBI is asking you to call (231) 946-7201. The FBI is offering a $5,000 dollar reward.