Caped crusader's infamous costume on ebay

Kapow! Zap! Boom! You could soon be holding Petoskey Batman's costume!

Mark Williams was arrested last spring when he was found hanging off a downtown building dressed as a comic book caped crusader. Officers in Petoskey also confiscated a baton-like weapon and a can of chemical irritant spray. Williams says he didn't intend to use them.

Williams was charged with trespassing and possession of a dangerous weapon, but pleaded guilty to attempted resisting/obstructing an officer. He was sentenced to six-months of probation, which included banning the wanna-be from dressing in any costumes.

Williams said he was inspired by others who dress as super heroes to prevent crime and reach out to the homeless.

Now a friend is rallying to come to the crusader's rescue by raising some much needed cash. It seems Williams is struggling with his finances and is now putting his Batman costume on ebay.

You can see the ebay page by clicking here. The Petoskey Batman also has thousands of followers on his Facebook fan page.