Car pins woman against wall at Cadillac McDonald's

A woman is in critical condition after she was pinned between her car and McDonalds

A Manton woman is in critical condition after she was pinned against the building at a Cadillac McDonald's by her own car.

According to the Wexford County Sheriff, Jennifer Smith was at the drive-through of the Boon Road restaurant when she dropped her credit card on the ground. She opened the door and reached out to retrieve it when the car suddenly lurched forward and pinned her between the car and the building.

According to the sheriff's office, all employees and several bystanders rushed to help. One gentleman broke his elbow trying to smash the passenger window to get into the car and assist Smith. Employees brought out a large piece of metal and broke the window, then put the car in neutral. Everyone then moved the car while one employee held on to Smith to try and prevent any further injury. At that time, medical personnel arrived on scene and were able to remove her from the vehicle.

Regarding the Cadillac community, Wexford Co. Deputy Sheriff Chad Sprik stated, "They're a good bunch of people. They're out looking to help each other. They all stopped what they were doing, all of the employees were inside the building except for one- they all exited the building and ran outside to assist her, one guy was out back by the storage/garbage area. And they were all just - what can I do to help more, just wanted to help, help, help."

Smith was transported to the hospital and is listed as being in critical condition.

Wexford County Deputies are still investigating the incident.