Car sales are up in year 2012

The auto industry saw increases in sales for the year 2012.

According to Automotive News, national car and truck sales have risen 14 percent, based on numbers collected from November of 2011 through November of 2012.

Local dealer Otto Belovich who is a board member for the Michigan Automobile dealers association says sales are up about ten percent from 2011.

In 2011, dealerships across the state sold more than 425,000 cars and trucks. This year they sold more than 450,000.

Belovich says he expects the new year to bring even more sales to the industry.

"I think the economy is picking up," says Belovich. "I think in Northern Michigan for example housing has picked back up. Seems like businesses are expanding and I think you see that in consumer spending."

Belovich says that more people are buying trucks and SUV's rather than cars, and that the trend is expected to continue into 2013.