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      Case against mother accused of neglect in son's death will move forward

      The Missaukee County woman who is facing murder charges for the death of her infant son will face a judge in Circuit Court.

      In a preliminary hearing today, five people took the stand in the case against Brittani Grabon. Arguments centered around the question of whether or not Grabon neglected her son's health.

      "If you're in a relationship that is such that it's not meeting your needs and worse than that being hard on you or destructive to you, you can leave," said Missaukee County Prosecutor, William J. Donnelly. "But a 14-month-old can't."

      Grabon's then-boyfriend told the prosecutor that 14-month old Payton Disbrow was in not in good physical condition before he died. Detectives say Grabon told them she was afraid to seek medical attention for Payton because she was thought Child Protective Services would get involved.

      Payton died on December 18. He reportedly had bruises on his face, burn marks on his hands, and had lost a significant amount of weight. The cause of death was ruled as pneumonia, blood poisoning, and a bacteria that spread throughout his body.

      The prosecutor tells 7&4 News that although there is no way to tell who hurt the child, there is proof that Grabon was a neglectful mother and didn't protect her son. Detectives say Grabon claims she had no way to take her son to the hospital when he was sick, but family friends said in court that is not true.

      Grabon is facing charges of felony murder, involuntary manslaughter and 2nd degree child abuse.