Casey White: Little supporter

Itâ??s officially December! I canâ??t believe it. This is the time of year for me that gets super busy! My sonâ??s birthday was the other day, and he made sure to remind me every day about two weeks before hand. Heâ??s the biggest reason I knew I needed to change my bad habits. I think about him all the time, and that helps me remember why Iâ??m trying to better myself.

Itâ??s funny, but the other day I was making cupcakes to take to school for his birthday, and a thought occurred to me. How can I possibly make all of these cupcakes and not be tempted to try one? I always have in the past, why should this time be any different? But as I was sitting there putting chocolate frosting and sprinkles on top of vanilla cupcakes (as specifically requested by the birthday boy) I had no desire for one. They looked great, they smelled great, but the craving was nonexistent. This surprised me, but pleased me at the same time. But after I thought about it, I realized that for the past month, I HAD been resisting my old cravings. Iâ??ve been in grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants with almost no desire to eat unhealthy. Isnâ??t that what Iâ??ve been learning to do this entire time? I guess it really is working!

My son is my biggest supporter. Sometimes he doesnâ??t even know it. I think about him all the time, and the thoughts I have help me when I do happen to find myself in a bind. I know that heâ??s the reason I am the person I am today. Occasionally he will say to me, â??Going to work out today Mama? Make sure youâ??re eating healthy! I love you!â?? How can you argue with words of encouragement from a six year old? I tell him all the time that he can be whatever he wants to be; try whatever he wants to try when he gets older. All heâ??s doing is taking the words I give him and translating them for me! So I must be doing something right.

I know and accept that I was never meant to be a supermodel. I donâ??t want to be either; thatâ??s not the person I am. I also know and accept that I WAS meant to be his Mama. That is the person I am. I may not be a perfect mama, but I am the best mama I can be because I was blessed with such a sweet and loveable little boy. He knows I would do anything for him, and in return he tells me he would do anything for me. And that includes something as simple as words of encouragement. And at this stage in the game, words of encouragement are what are most important for me, especially from my six year old!

Thank you to everyone!