Cash stolen, wires cut during flower shop burglary

A cash register was damaged after thieves targeted a Traverse City florist.

A Traverse City florist is the latest victim of a string of break-ins, and police are wondering if they have a serial burglar on their hands.

Teboe Florist was broken into over the weekend, just weeks after several other city businesses were burglarized.

â??It's not something you really think aboutâ?¦ until it happens,â?? said Tessa Alexander, Teboe Florist Owner. She is facing the reality that a thief, or thieves, targeted her business sometime late Sunday or early Monday morning.

â??We're all really sorry that it happened but other than that we're moving right alongâ?¦ we're still open for business. We're taking orders... our computer system is back up so we've been getting our online orders so we're taking care of business.â??

Alexander believes they entered through the side door and once inside they cut phone lines and damaged computer equipment. Money was also taken but it's not yet known exactly how much.

The Flower Station in Traverse City was also targeted by burglars earlier this month, and employees know all-too-well the pain those at Teboe Florist are feeling.

â??It's kind of surprising. I kind of thought whoever did it just went down the row... maybe they're moving on to a different spot in town, so it's really unfortunate that somebody else has been hurt like we have been,â?? said Susan Glass, Flower Station Manager. â??We hope it's just kids or something like that. We hope it's nothing that could become dangerous in the future to someone.â??

Employees at the Flower Station have made some changes since the burglars struck. They are no longer keeping cash in the store overnight and plan to install security cameras.

Alexander has a message for whoever broke into her business.

â??Well I hope you get caught,â?? said Alexander.

Traverse City Police are still investigating this latest break-in and are trying to figure out if the burglary at Teboe Florist is connected to the others in the city that remain unsolved.