Changes...rain and thunder coming

Tonight...after a period of dry, hot weather...we get some rain...and we really need it. There's been a fire danger for days. In addition to showers coming in from the west, you might get a thunderstorm, too. Overnight lows will be the 50s & 60s, and it will feel humid.

Monday could be very stormy at times. It'll be cloudy, and we'll see more showers. Thunderstorms will develop, too. Some of these storms could turn severe. We'll get some downpours, lightning, and maybe some hail. Winds may gust strongly near the storms. Highs will reach the 70s and warm...but it will be muggy with all the rain around.

Tuesday will be cooler and less humid. A few scattered showers may be left, but we also will get some sunshine thru the clouds. Most highs will be in the 60s. Plus, winds will gust over 20 mph.