Charlevoix Area Hospital reaches agreement with Munson to enhance services

Two local hospitals have come to an agreement to give patients better access to services.

Charlevoix Hospital and Munson Healthcare came to an agreement for an extension to the Rural Health Network agreement which has been in place since 2004. The agreement focuses on maintaining a range of "necessary and 'close to home' health care services in Charlevoix," according to Ed Ness, CEO of Munson Healthcare and Munson Medical Center.

Under the agreement from 2004, Munson would provide consulting and advice on issues related to emergency medical services, medical staff services, quality improvement and the Charlevoix Area Hospital organizational plan for care.

This newer agreement will allow the Charlevoix Area Hospital to have a broader access to support.

This agreement does not change ownership or management of the hospital. Charlevoix Area Hospital remains a not-for-profit, independent hospital.