Charlevoix Schools eyeing $1 million cut, may close school

A shrinking budget, a million dollar shortfall, and some tough decisions face a Northern Michigan School district. Charlevoix Public Schools, like most around the state, are having to make do with less. For Charlevoix, that may mean having to close one of the three schools in the district.

Charlevoix Public Schools operate an elementary, middle, and high school. As part of itâ??s budget considerations, the school board will take a look at two different plans to save the district money. One of the plans calls for the district to combine classes, so that K-6 are in one building, and 7-12 are in another, allowing the district to shut down one of the buildings. This move, along with some staffing cuts, could save the district around $1 million dollars. There is no official word as to which building would be shuttered if the district chooses this path.

A second plan calls for all three buildings to remain open, but would only trim around $800,000 from the budget. Both plans include students having to pay to play sports and cuts to athletic transportation.

The two plans are going to be the center of discussion at the Charlevoix Public School Board meeting Monday night at 6 pm at the middle school. School leaders say the expect and look forward to a large public response.