Charlevoix water boil advisory lifted

There was a boil water advisory in effect for the city of Charlevoix until late Friday evening, at which time it was lifted.

A boil water advisory has been lifted after a second round of tests came back late Friday evening confirming that the tap water in Charlevoix was once again safe to drink.

The boil water advisory was put in place after city officials reported a loss of pressure in the distribution system around 5 a.m. Wednesday and alerted residents to the health concern.

An investigation revealed a crack in a water pipe under Round Lake and storm damage at the water plant caused Charlevoix's water problems. The City of Charlevoix suspects a lightning strike caused a malfunction at the water plant, allowing the pressure to drop.

"We are now we pressurizing the system, but we did issue the water boil advisory in that will be in effect until our bacterial tests come back in a good fashion," said Jim Elliott Charlevoix Public Works Superintendent.

Until the issue was fixed, area restaurants are being forced to boil hundreds of gallons of water to keep doors open for business.

Charlevoix Area Hospital also put an emergency plan into place, deciding to postpone all surgeries for the day on Wednesday.

Hospital officials distributed bottled water to all patient areas as well as to visitors within the hospital. Precautions have been taken around the hospital including: signage on all sinks, drinking fountains and the cafeteria is using bottled water for all drinks, ice, food preparation and clean-up.