Charlevoix woman sky-dives on 77th birthday

Granny goes crazy as she falls through the air.

When some us of share our birthdays with family and friends, we might have some cake and ice cream. Pat Leitner of Charlevoix celebrated hers by jumping by skydiving.

Leitner decided to take the jump after she heard her friend talk about her experience.

â??You have no sensation of falling, which is strange,â?? said Sally Bales. â??Then once you open the shoot you're just floating very slowly. It's just awesome.â??

Pat won the tickets to Skydive Harbor Springs at a friendâ??s fundraiser earlier this year.

When friends and family asked if she was going to give the tickets to someone else, Pat responded â??no way.â??

Pat signed her waiver, took her 15-minute safety class and strapped on her gear. She and her son,Tony, took off two miles in the air.

â??It's something on her bucket list she always wanted to do and something I always wanted to do, so when she offered it I said â??yeah let's goâ??,â??Tony said.

Then, without fear, the pair stepped into the beautiful Michigan sky.

When they landed, Pat's first question was if she could jump again.

â??The plane itself didn't even feel like it was moving,â?? said Pat. â??The hardest part for me was when he opened the door and wind just hit me right smack in the face.â??

As pat walked back to her family from the Charlevoix Municipal Airport runway, they cheered for her safe return.

Her family said they are ready to help Pat conquer the next item on her bucket list: zip-lining.

â??It's a case of where I'm not worried because if I'm going to meet the lord, I got to meet him some place,â?? said Pat.