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      Cheboygan man charged with sexually assaulting teenager

      Brad Steven Fischer was arraigned on charges of criminal sexual conduct and accosting a minor. He is a habitual offender.

      A 20-year-old Cheboygan man was arrested for criminal sexual conduct.

      Brad Steven Fischer is accused of having sexual contact with a person between ages of 13 and 16 over the summer of 2012 and accosting a minor in February of 2013 in Cheboygan County.

      Fischer was charged with three counts of criminal sexual conduct, 3rd degree, which is a 15 year felony. He was also charged with one count of using the internet to commit a crime - a ten year felony - and one count of accosting children for immoral purposes - a four year felony.

      Fischer is also charged with being a habitual offender, second offense.

      A preliminary exam has been set for March 13. A judge set the bond at $100,000 cash.