Cheboygan Memorial Hospital sale moving forward

The Cheboygan community may soon have access to emergency medical care once again. Three motions regarding the sale of Cheboygan Memorial Hospital were settled in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Bay City.

The agreements cleared the way for McLaren Health Care Corporation to complete the purchase of CMH, for a reported price of $5 million. The planned sale of the hospital fell through four weeks ago because of problems in getting needed federal regulatory approval for treatment of patients covered by the Medicare and Medicaid programs. The hospital was Cheboygan County's largest employer with about 300 workers. It's unknown how many people will be rehired.

Jamie McClurge, CHM Board Chairman says, "It's a big relief for myself and for everyone in community of Cheboygan and surrounding area that depend on health care that's been provided at this hospital for decades."

On April 23rd, More than 2,200 people rallied at Cheboygan Memorial Hospital and an announcement came that no one expected. McLaren officials announced that a deal has been worked out between the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services and McLaren Health System that would allow Cheboygan Memorial Hospital to reopen its emergency room and other outpatient departments.

Right now, McLaren is looking to open the ER at CMH as soon as possible. Administrators say that could mean in the next 10 days to 2 weeks.