Cherry Capital Airport guard dog soars across the internet


An image of the guard dog at Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City is getting some attention on the internet.

A Reddit user posted a GIF animation of Piper the Airport K9 Sunday morning which has since been seen my millions of people.

Since its posting, the GIF has had 5,978 points and more than one thousand comments.

Piper has a very unique job at the airport. The 7-year-old border collie works in wildlife control and his mission every day is to scare birds away from the flight path of incoming and outbound planes. He works 40 hours a week and has been with the airport since August 2014.

The cast that is seen in the GIF is from a minor injury Piper received in November when he was chasing away the first snowy owl of the season when he then tripped-- causing him to break a toe.

"Yet another dog that is cooler than me" wrote user DevonDay.

"And my dog gets scared by the vacuum," wrote Reddit user savylightning.

"To top it all, he has a rippling coat of fur/hair to take the windy effect the whole 9 yards. I wish my hair flew like that in the wind," wrote Reddit user anondude47.

You can follow Piper on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

To learn more about Piper, CLICK HERE.

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