Chilly start to spring

Today we've seen snow in the Upper Peninsula and a mix of rain and snow in the Lower Peninsula...tonight as the temperatures's going to be just snow.

Winter Weather Advisory until midnight for the U.P. This is a traveler's advisory. Roads are icy. Snow has been a heavier there.

Overnight, lows will fall well below freezing...into the 20s. So, beware of slippery spots on the roads and sidewalks...I should say MORE slippery spots. Snow will be light and scattered. Up to 2 inches possible. But it's also foggy and misty. That alone will make things slippery.

Thursday AM there will be a little snow left behind...just light's the back end of this storm that's been moving thru the region. In the afternoon, a few breaks in the clouds and some sunshine. Highs will stay in the 30s. Wind will pick up and gust from the northwest or west over 25 miles per hour at times.

Thursday night's lows will drop into the teens. Not what you would expect on the first evening of spring. It'll be partly cloudy with a light wind...beautiful...just cold!

Friday, we start with some sun, but in the afternoon look for scattered rain and snow showers. Wind will be from the south and southeast 5 to 15 mph. That turn in the wind will help boost temperatures a few degrees. Highs will range from 32 to 42 degrees.

Warning about the's going to be cold in the daytime and very cold at night!