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      City official: 'take run water advisories very seriously'

      M any communities around the region have been asking the public to run their water to help stop the pipes from freezing , but one northern Michigan city is concerned that residents aren't taking these notices seriously enough.

      "I f there's not water running through those pipe and there's frost around that pipe the water and those pipes will freeze ," Pat Elliott, City of Charlevoix Public Works Superintendent said.

      T he city of charlevoix has been getting calls non-stop for the last week with homeowners who have no water.

      What they are finding is some residents aren't paying attention to the run water notice and their pipes are freezing.

      "W hat we are recommending is you run a stream of water about the size of your pinky or a large drinking straw and run it constantly," Elliott said.

      E lliott says freezing pipes are avoidable if you run your water 24 / 7. A nd for residents worrying about the water bill, many times the city will absorb the additional cost.

      "Y ou will not be b illed for the extra water used ," Elliott said. "W e and many other communities I've heard of will take the average of your last couple of months bills and that is what you'll be billed."

      T he City of Charlevoix and many other communities plan to keep their run water advisories until April.