Cloudy Friday expected, rain at times throughout the weekend

Cloudy skies will prevail throughout Friday, with increasing rain chances throughout the weekend.

A wet weekend expected across northern Michigan, followed by windy and cooler conditions by the end of it.

For Friday, a mostly cloudy day expected for all of northern Michigan - very little, if any sun will peak through. Some drizzle and/or a light rain shower is possible, but most stay dry throughout the day. High temperatures will generally be in the low to middle 60s under a light southerly wind.

Friday evening and into the overnight, a cold front will become stalled over the Lower Peninsula. This will allow skies to clear in the Upper Peninsula, and allowing temperatures to drop into the lower 40s. In the Lower Peninsula, clouds will hang around, along with scattered showers - especially south of M-72. Lows in the Lower Peninsula will range in the lower 50s.

Saturday's forecast will widely range, depending on where you live:

In the Upper Peninsula and areas north of M-72 in the Lower, sunshine will be the story the first half of the day. Clouds will increase throughout the day, followed by rain increasing in coverage towards the evening and throughout the overnight.

In the Lower Peninsula south of M-72, clouds will hang around all day long. The farther south you live - especially along the US-10 corridor - scattered showers will hang around all day long. Widespread rain, and at times heavy, will increase towards the evening and throughout the overnight.

For all of northern Michigan, rain will be most widespread Saturday evening and throughout the overnight. At times, the rain will be on the heavy side. High temperatures will range from the low to middle 60s.

On Sunday, rain will continue into the morning hours. After low pressure slides through the Great Lakes, gusty conditions are expected - winds 15-25 mph and gusts over 30 mph. Lake enhanced rain showers will linger throughout the day.

-Meteorologist Blake Hansen

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