CMU attacker used BB gun

Eric Lee Ramsey used a BB gun to capture and sexually assault a CMU student

The Isabella County Sheriff has confirmed that Eric Lee Ramsey was using a BB gun when he abducted a Central Michigan University student and sexually assaulted her. The Sheriff says the BB gun looked like a 45 semi-automatic.

The gun was found in the vehicle Ramsey was in after he was shot and killed by state troopers.

Police say Ramsey abducted a female student in the parking lot of the Student Activity Center around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday. Ramsey forced the woman into her vehicle and left the Mt. Pleasant campus near South Mission and Blanchard Road.

"She felt a gun on her shoulder, saying scoot over," said Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski.

The Sheriff says they are following up on the sexual assault today. Next week, they'll talk with Ramsey's family and friends to see what may have triggered his behavior.