CMU suspect leads police on a deadly chase

Eric Ramsey allegedly used this stolen truck to ram into Sheriff's cars

CMU abduction and rape suspect, 31-year-old Eric Ramsey, led police on a chase that ultimately turned deadly.

It started at a Gaylord business parking lot around two this morning when a Michigan State Police trooper saw what they thought was an abandoned car. As the trooper approached the vehicle, they said the driver, Eric Ramsey, drove into the police car.

"The vehicle rammed him a total of three times, the last time in the passenger side t-boning the patrol unit," Michigan State Police Gaylord Post Lt. Derrick Carroll.

Police say Ramsey then drove away and tried to escape by driving through a fence that led him into a nearby elk preserve. Troopers followed him by foot and came across the abandoned vehicle.

"They got on foot and ran approximately a mile when they came across the vehicle that was stuck in the snow, they saw the vehicle with footprints leading from it," Lt. Carroll said.

He then ran to a nearby business and stole a flat bed sanitation truck used to haul dumpsters. For two hours the police had lost track of him and the continued their search in Crawford County. They parked on the side of the road to check oncoming traffic when they saw something suspicious.

"They thought it was a snow plow at first and the troopers became suspicious, we're looking for a dump truck and this truck has no lights and he's like this isn't good so he put it in drive and the driver of the truck turned his lights on and lit up the patrol car," Lt. Carroll said.

Ramsey was in the truck and rammed into the patrol car. Another trooper drove after him, but police say Ramsey turned the truck around to plow into the police car and as he made his way back down the road, a trooper from shot and killed him.

"We can only assume that he believed that sargent knew who he was as soon as he woke up and started ramming the sargent. Of course, the sargent had no idea who the person was and wasn't looking for that particular vehicle. Every time he saw an officer I'm sure he was assuming that that officer was in pursuit to arrest him," Lt. Carroll said.

Right before Ramsey was shot, he wrote this Facebook status.

"Well folks, I'm about to get shot. Peace," Ramsey posted.

Ramsey has an extensive criminal background dating back to 2005. Since then, he's been convicted of malicious destruction of police or fire property, assaulting or resisting a police office and assault with intent to do great bodily harm. He was also convicted of two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Prison records show Ramsey was paroled last summer after serving the minimum five years for assault with intent to do great bodily harm. The maximum sentence for that charge is 15 years and inmates are eligible for parole review after their minimum sentence has been served. The Corrections Department spokesperson told the Associated Press that Ramsey's prison conduct was "pretty good." Ramsey even held a job and tested negative for drugs.