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      Coast Guard monument location unclear, public input welcomed

      The Traverse City Parks and Recreation Committee is looking for public input before a final site is chosen for a Coast Guard monument.

      Traverse City is known as a Coast Guard city, and to honor that history you could soon see a statue at the intersection of Grandview Parkway and East Front Street.

      The Coast Guard committee reached out to students at Traverse City West Senior High School students to design a statue. The winning design stands at 20 feet tall.

      The Traverse City Parks and Recreation Commission is looking for public input before a final site is chosen.

      â??Let's make sure that whatever goes in, whatever is decided that it is something that community-wide we can celebrate and it doesn't create a lot of controversy,â?? said Traverse City Commissioner Gary Howe.

      The public is encouraged to share their ideas with the Parks and Recreation Commission at any time. There are no alternative sites for the statue at this time.

      The commission will meet on March 6th. This topic is expected to be on the agenda. A final decision could be made in the next several months.

      The monument is expected to cost $30,000 paid for with donations.