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      Cold Spring snags start of trout fishing season

      Trout season is just around the corner and fishermen everywhere are eager to get their first bites, but rising river water levels and the chilly temperatures could put a snag in their lines.

      "You can expect higher water, a little bit lower visibility than we would normally have and not as good hatches," said Orvis Streamside Instructor, Greg Miller. "They're a little bit behind schedule too."

      Trout season officially kicks off on Saturday but experts say that the heavy snow fall from last winter created higher and stronger flowing rivers and could make for a slow start to the season. This, along with some frigid temperatures have delayed some of the insect hatching that is necessary to bringing the trout in.

      "The biggest challenge is actually getting in the water and wading," said Miller. "When you've got a lot faster water it's higher and it makes it a little tougher to get in the water and actually wade and try and catch a fish."

      Although the conditions may not be great for the start of the season, fishermen are still anticipating a great trout season overall.

      "Overall the season is going to be great," said Miler. "It's just everything is going to be pushed back a little because of the cold Spring and the late run off."

      If you would like to do some celebrating before the season begins you can head to the National Trout Festival in Kalkaska which kicked off on Wednesday. For event times and locations, click here.