Cold weather boosts demand for remote car starters

Demand for remote starters has increased since the cold weather's arrival.

As winter settles in, auto shops are reporting an increase in demand for remote car starters.

This time of year we are installing, on average, four to five a day, said Dan Redmond, Redmond Automotive.

Redmond tells 7&4 News that remote starters can be installed on about 90% of the cars you see out on the road.

For the vast majority of people, remote starters are safe to use. But Redmond said folks should resist the urge to install remote starters at home. He advises consumers to leave that to the experts.

They can smoke a computer, causing a vehicle to not start. We TMve heard of people actually trying to install them and setting their cars on fire, said Redmond.

Most remote starters cost close to $300.

You can start your car from multiple ranges with the single click of a button. You can range anywhere from 1,000 feet to a mile. You can also use a smart phone and use it from any distance, said Redmond.

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