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      Cold weather snags start of salmon season

      Northerly winds are keeping salmon from the biting the lines of Northern Michigan anglers.

      Typically, salmon start biting in the Benzie County area around mid-May, but northern winds have kept salmon in the southern counties.

      It's not a question of the salmon's health though, as fishermen say they are larger this season than the previous.

      "There's not a lot of little salmon coming up which we will often see," said John Sarya, owner of Jacobson Marina Resort. "The quality, the size of the fish are actually larger than normal for this time of year."

      "The fish is a real dark orange, so they're feeding on a high protein diet so I think the lake is healthy," said Captain John Morrow, of Hammerhead Charters. "The numbers may be a little down but when they get here they're going to be big."

      Fishermen are just waiting for the winds to change and bring the salmon to Benzie County.

      "It can change in a week," Sarya said. "It can change in a day."

      The late arrival of the fish, however, has not affected the plans of die hard anglers.

      "They're not rescheduling their trips," Morrow said. "They kind of plan their trips around fishing so they're coming no matter what."