Coldest week of the year...and getting colder...

This could be the coldest week of the far. As cold as it's been we're looking 3 very cold days in a row with single digits for highs Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday...and only low teens at best for the weekend.

nd nights will be extremely cold. Most of the low temperatures this week will be below zero. The coldest night looks to be Thursday when the lows will be in the neighborhood of 5 to 20 below.

And just when you thought it couldn't get worse, the wind will increase. Gusts from the west are going to top 25 miles per hour starting Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday we'll see some gusts to 40 mph from the northwest. With the cold and the wind, don't be surprised if we see wind chill warnings in some counties.

As far as snow goes, we'll get some scattered passing showers. It'll come and go into the weekend. Most totals will be light, but like always some bands of lake effect snow may drop several extra inches in some towns.