College stabbing suspect sentenced

The fifth suspect in a February stabbing on NMC's Traverse City Campus faced a judge and learned his sentence.

One of the suspects in the Northwestern Michigan College stabbing investigation faced a judge and learned how long he will spend behind bars.

Vasquez was charged for his role in a February stabbing incident at the college that left one may hospitalized. Police say Vasquez and 4 other subjects arranged to make a drug deal with the victim and then robbed him.

Jorge Vasquez-antonio will be held in a juvenile detention center until at least his 19th birthday, and may be held until age 21. There will be annual review hearings. If at any point the court determines that this commitment as a juvenile is unsuccessful toward achieving rehabilitation and is not in the best interests of the community, the court may sentence Vasquez-antonio as an adult to up to 35 years in state prison.