Commissioners pursue next step for EMS building

Residents in Osceola County may see an increase in their emergency medical services.

Residents in Osceola County may see an increase in what they pay for emergency medical services.

Osceola County commissioners voted to put an EMS building next to the Tustin Fire Department. It would be located at 220 S. Nielson St. in the village.

On Aug. 5, voters will be asked to support a 1.33 millage that will fund all county EMS services and support the four surrounding countyâ??s EMS buildings.

The Sherman Township supervisor says this will benefit and directly affect citizens in Osceola County.

"Because the tax dollars that are collected remain right in the county and are used for medical services, support for our residents," said Sherman Township Supervisor David Eggle.

The increase will cost about $12 a year for residents with a $100,000 home.