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      Communities dig themselves out after large snow fall

      D epending on where you live , you might have only experienced a few inches or you might have been completely snowed in Wednesday morning.

      E llsworth in Antrim County was one of the areas that was hit the hardest with 14 inches of snow.

      M any people used snow blowers or shovels to clear off driveways and sidewalks early in the day .

      " Last year there was a pretty decent amount of snow, but this year definitely surpassed that," Don Stein, Ellsworth resident said.

      D on Stein says this is one of the worst winters he has experienced in recent memory. He has been using his snow blower four to five times a week.

      A nd while the snow creates headaches for home owners , the clean up means big business for others.

      " It's picking up ," David Wilson, snow plow driver said. " I can't complain , it's been pretty busy the last couple of months ."

      S now plows in Benzie county and all over the region worked through the night to keep up with the demand.

      I n Petoskey, hardware stores have been slammed with business.

      " It's been really wonderful for hardware businesses like ours ," Dale Meyer, Meyer Ace Hardware Co-Owner said. "W e've sold for a lot of our ice shovels , roof rake s."