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      Community looks for funds to save historic mural

      A northern Michigan community is looking to preserve the legacy of a historic piece of art.

      I n recent years , a 100 foot long mural in downtown Cheboygan has fallen apart and is considered unfixable. However, the community still wants to preserve the story it tells, but first they have to raise the money to do so.

      T h e m ural was first painted back in 1976 to commemorate our nation's bi - centenial and serve as a tribute to the Cheboygan's early history.

      " Before this community was even settled we had a very strong Native American presence and this mural helps commemorate some of that ," Matt Friday, local historian said.

      T he only way to preserve this piece of art is through public donations, which will cost $18,000 to completely start from scratch.

      " Wo o d can hold out just so long with paint on it and it started to warp and the paint was coming off ," Ann Gildner, Save the Mural volunteer said.

      T he old mural has been taken down , but the new plan calls for an exact replica.

      " The only way to save it , is to have it not redesigned but repainted ," Gildner said.

      I t will be built here in Washington Park and will be made with metal instead of wood and will have special paint to preserve the artwork for years to come.

      " Everybody knows it is a great piece of Cheboygan , but we need the communities help in preserving it for the next generation too ," Friday said.

      T he painting is 800 square feet and to help pay for the project , the Save the Mural campaign is asking for community donations of $23 per square foot.

      T hey plan on having it complete by next spring.