Community sends messages of hope to family severely burned by explosion


WEXFORD COUNTY, Mich. (WPBN/WGTU) — A community and school are coming together to send wishes of a hopeful recovery for a mother and two sons who were severely burned in an explosion Wednesday morning.

A fire from an early morning explosion destroyed the Green Mill Motel and sent a mother and her son’s to the hospital in Manton.

As of Thursday night, Amanda Skardoutos and 11-year-old Marcus Thomas are listed in critical condition in separate Grand Rapids hospitals.

Family members say 13-year-old Brian Adams was flown overnight to Shrimers Hospital in Boston where he is being treated for burns over 70 percent of his body.

Meanwhile, students at Manton, where the boys attended, are sending prayers and notes of encouragement to their classmates.

“I just cried, I said how can we help,” said Barb Waite, the 11-year-old’s teacher. “When I got to school the kids had already heard of it so they already started making a box and putting stuff in there get wells and things like that and they bought him a little yo-yo today and another fidget spinner and just all kinds of things, money is in there.”

Get well soon post-it notes cover the locker of 13-year-old, Brian Adams at Manton Middle School.

"He’s funny, he’s a good person,” said Mathew Kanaziz, a friend of Brian. "I hope he gets better, just send prayers out.”

Thursday morning dozens attended prayer services outside the school. Tenth-grader, J.R. Skiver organized the services.

“The community needs to come together so they can grow and pray for each other and make this community a lot stronger,” Skiver said.

Several other families were unhurt, but have lost all their belongings and their homes.

“Our main focus is on the students that are here and on the students who were impacted by the tragedies that happened and making sure that the families that were impacted they’re needs are being met we obviously have Brian and Marcus in our thoughts and prayers,” said Leonard Morrow, the Superintendent at Manton Consolidated Schools.

“This school is a family, we have many little families that all work together. That’s just the way we are here,” Waite said.

The superintendent says clothes and monetary donations have been raised for another family that has students at the schools.

They will be raising money or donations for the family once they know the condition of the two boys and their mother.

The family has also set up a Go-Fund me to help the mother her and two sons.

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