Community welcomes home golf team member injured in April crash

Tyler Summers hugs a teammate who welcomed him home on Tuesday.

Tyler Summers returned to cheering family and friends Tuesday after spending three months in hospitals following the devastating Grayling golf team crash in Kalkaska.

Summers is the final surviving member of the Grayling golf team to return home, and he's back much earlier than expected.

"He's my miracle with the injuries," said Brad Summers, Tyler's father. "Many doctors were very astonished to see him the way he was he could walk and talk and they were blown away."

"It's great to know that I have time to recover so I can get on a golf course," said Summers.

Summers is hoping to rejoin his teammates on the course by September.

Summers was injured in the crash that killed three people and hospitalized six others on County Road 612 in Kalkaska County in late April.

A van carrying the Grayling High School boys golf team collided with another van carrying three people. Grayling golf coach Jason Potter, who was driving the car, and a player, Louis Menard, were killed in the crash. A woman in the other van, 27-year-old Cassandra Stapleton was also killed in the crash.

In July, the Kalkaska County Prosecutor issued charges of manslaughter and child abuse for Rhonda Mitchell, the driver of the second van.

A police investigation had shown that both drivers were at fault. Potter's toxicology report showed no signs of alcohol or controlled substances, while Mitchell's showed she had marijuana and morphine in her system at the time of the crash. State Police said Mitchell did have a prescription for the morphine and a medical marijuana card, but the card had expired a year earlier.