85 / 70
      79 / 60
      76 / 59

      Cooler than last week

      What a nice evening. A bit cooler than it's been lately, but nice. Most of the night will be clear...a few passing clouds are expected. Look for a light wind. Temperatures will be in 50s after sunset, but after midnight they'll fall into the 40s.

      Sunny much of tomorrow. Most of northern Michigan will stay dry. There is a chance for scattered showers from Cadillac southward. Light wind from the north. Temperatures will climb into the 60s for most of us. It could go into the low 70s in a few neighborhoods.

      Thursday will be sunny and mild. Light wind. Highs in the range of 65 to 72 degrees.

      More sunshine...and more 60s & 70s...on Friday.