Cop gets jail time for attacking his neighbor

A Kalkaska police officer will do jail time after pleading no contest to assault and battery charges.

Officer Glen Artress stood before a judge Wednesday afternoon and admitted he was wrong to have punched his neighbor in the face during an argument last August.

â??I found myself in a position to make a decision and now i admit to the court and take ownership that it was the wrong decision,â?? Artress said.

The judge sentenced Artress to five days in jail and 120 days of probation. He is beginning his sentence Wednesday and once he gets out, he will have to go to anger management.

Marvin Schellie, the man Artress hit during an argument while off duty at his home, told 7&4 News that he was happy with the punishment handed down by the court.

â??I'm glad it's over and done with we are going to move on with our lives, we have better things to do than this,â?? Schellie said.

Schellie has also filed a civil suit against Artress and that case goes to court in May

Kalakska Village President Jeff Sieting says officer Artress has already served a suspension for his actions and will be back on the job after serving his five days in jail.

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