Cop shooter sent to prison

Lowell Fetters is heading to prison for a long time for the shooting that injured Ludington Police Sgt. David Maltbie.

Fetters was sentenced to 16 to 50 years for assault with intent to murder, 2 years for felony firearm to be served consecutively and first, 23 months to 4 years for malicious destruction of property and 23 months to 4 years for assault with a dangerous weapon.

Several officers wrote letters to the court sharing their fear of that day in June where Fetters shot towards officers several times, wounding Sgt. Maltbie.

Officers and the prosecutor asked for the maximum sentence saying that Fetters has shown no remorse for his crimes on that day.

"She's just a hard person. She will not accept--you tell her what to do and she won't do it. She says 'No I have a better way, I'm going to do it my way.' I've put up with this for 38 years," said Fetters.

The prosecutor pointed to statements from police, the community and family members saying that Fetters was violent and hated the police. Officers noted several times that police were called the Fetters home to investigate domestic violence situations.

"Mr. Fetters had an axe to grind," said Prosecutor Paul Spaniola. "He's been grinding this axe over the past 30 years."

Spaniola went on to call it a miracle that no one died in the incident on June 26, 2013.

Fetters spoke on his behalf in court.

"I have no hard feelings about David (Maltbie)," Fetters said. "It's just something that happened."

"It's often said that domestic violence cases are the most dangerous ones police officers respond to," said Spaniola. "A police officer never really knows what he's getting into in a domestic violence situation."

According to court statements by law enforcement and the prosecutor, Fetters fired eight shots from two different firearms on June 26th when officers were responding to domestic violence complaint.

Fetters has denied the fact that eight shots were fired. He claims he only fired six shots.

As shots were being fired, Sgt. Maltbie was shot near the neck, but did survive.