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      Corn farmers expecting record year

      A new report just released by the USDA is projecting a record harvest for this year's corn crop.

      W hich would be good news for the industry that faced major losses last summer due drought conditions through the midwest.

      " When we got our rains in June our corn popped out of the ground ," Pat McGuire, Royal Farms owner said. "W e got our heat early and it turned out and grew ."

      P erfect weather over the last couple of months has dimmed the dreary outlook once projected in northern Michigan due to a very wet spring.

      " It was a little but challenging during early spring to get the corn in the ground ," Greg Shooks, Shooks Farms owner said. " We got a lot of moisture at that time not allowing us to get into the fields and plant ."

      A ntrim County farmers say this years crop is looking like it will surpass last season.

      T he USDA is reporting that nationwide the corn crops yield this year will be 28-percent higher than 2012.

      " The Iowas and Indianas and North Dakotas of the world have a great crop and they are catching up and they are paying off bills from last year that they had a bad crop on," McGuire said.

      T hey say if mother nature continues to cooperate the odds of a record season are more than likely.

      B ut they do caution consumers , saying it ' s still too early to determine if prices will be impacted.

      " There are so many things that could happen during the harvest all throughout the country ," Shooks said. "There are a lot of factors that play into the price and the final consumer price, at this point it's too early to tell."

      I f all goes as planned for farmers around the country , the USDA is projecting a harvest of nearly 14 billion bushels of corn in 2013.