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      Corn growing strong in Otsego County

      " It ' s some of the best crops I've ever ever seen by far ," farmer Mike Burzynski said.

      A contrast to some fields in Southern Michigan and other corn belt states. The corn at this farm is green, lush and on track to provide one of the best growing years in recent memory. Mike Burzynski owns this farm in Otsego County and says the weather is the reason it looks so good.

      " I think the warm weather has allowed the season maturities to take place and happen ," Burzynski said.

      J ust down M-32 at Weaver Farms, the corn has the same healthy look. Jeff Weaver believes the rain simply fell in the right place at the right time.

      "T he corn has survived here because of timely rain, we seem to get just the right amount of rain at the right time when we need it the most ," Weaver explained.

      T he great growing conditions in Otsego County are far from normal compared to the rest of the nation. Thirty-one states have declared a national growing emergency because of drought conditions and with their crop ruined, it means bigger business for farms with good crop and may mean a historic shift in prices.

      " I think a record high prices, record high prices. But its too far, it still can't have a hail storm you still cant have damage to the crop living here in Northern Michigan could we have a frost the first week of September and every thing gone, absolutely," Burzynski said.

      J eff and Mike's farms are on schedule to meet their expected production and they are enjoying the possible economic outlook. But they chuckle and admit that they still have a lot of their season left.

      " It ' s not done til its in the bin and then you see what you got, but so far they look pretty good ," Burzynski said.