Corrections officer busted for running meth lab

Sheriff's Officials say they found an operating meth lab in this home on West Blass Drive in Webber Township.

A Lake County corrections officer was arrested for operating a meth lab in Lake County's Webber Township.

Sheriff's officials say a national registry, based out of Kalamazoo, tipped off officials that 39 year-old Brian Morrissey was buying large amounts of ingredients used to make meth.

After running his name on Thursday, sheriff officials found out that the man was Brian Rex Morrissey, a newly hired Corrections Officer. By Saturday, the detective sergeant had enough evidence to obtain a search warrant for the home.

Officials say they showed up at the home on West Blass Drive on Saturday. Morrissey was not home, but upon entry, officials found a meth operation. While a team was clearing the scene, Morrissey and his girlfriend, Rebecca Beachler, arrived at home and were arrested immediately.

They are expected to be arraigned this afternoon. The Lake County Sheriff says the couple is facing felony charges.

Both Brian Morrissey and his girlfriend Rebecca Beachler were arraigned in court Monday afternoon on two felony charges including manufacturing methamphetamine and possessing methamphetamine.