Cougar spotted in Marquette County

There was a cougar photographed in southern Marquette County in early June.

Michigan Wildlife Conservancy officials are now releasing this picture to the public, saying it "might be the best, clearest photograph of a wild Michigan cougar ever taken."

The cougar was photographed on private property by a cased trail camera.

The camera's location was verified on a well-worn wildlife trail on a wooded ridge. The camera has also photographed wolves, coyotes, fishers and numerous other species over the four year period that its been there.

Michael Zuidema, a retired DNR forester has recorded over twenty credible cougar sightings in the same area since the 1970s, including several in the area of the camera.

Dr. Patrick Rusz said, in a press release, "the long history of sighting reports in the area indicates the cougar photographed [on June 1] may be part of a resident population rather than a wandering cat from a western state."