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      Council meets to discuss terms of wolf hunt

      The Wolf Management Advisory Council will meet today in St. Ignace to discuss the terms of an approved wolf hunt.

      "The biggest conversation is going to be about what the members of the council would recommend for wolf hunting season," Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Debbie Munson Badini said.

      In December 2012, wolves were reclassified as a game species. The WMAC was created to advise the legislature and Natural Resources Commission on wolf management. The NRC is the key player in the creation of laws for a wolf harvest. They decide what would be the appropriate method and structure for a contained wolf hunt.

      The council is made up of key members of local organizations that have a vested interest in wolves and the impact they have on culture, business and nature.

      "It will be an opportunity to talk about what people are comfortable with," Badini explained.

      The meeting is at the Little Bear Arena in St. Ignace. It starts at 1 p.m. and runs through 5 p.m. The public is welcome.

      The wolf hunt questions stem from legislation passed by the House in December that would designate wolves as a game species.

      Wolves were removed from the endangered list in 2012 after rebounding from near extinction in the upper Great Lakes region. About 700 are believed to live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

      Supporters of the hunt say it's time to allow hunters and trappers to thin the population. They say wolves are killing livestock and venturing too close to towns.