Court documents show Knysz admitted to killing Trooper Butterfield

Sarah Knysz is facing one charge that relates to the stolen car

Court documents are describing what happened at the Manistee County gas station the night Sarah and Eric Knysz were arrested.

The documents highlight testimony from Michigan State Police Sergeant Mark Miller from a September 23 authorization of complaint and warrant hearing.

During that hearing, Sergeant Miller detailed what happened the night State Trooper Paul Butterfield was shot and killed.

According to court documents, after pumping gas into a car the Knysz's stole after the shooting, Eric went inside the Dublin Express Mart, noticed the troopers and ran out the back door.

When Knysz came back to the front, one trooper alerted another that he had a gun in his possession.

"Trooper Crofoot was yelling for Trooper Arendt, telling him 'gun gun gun', yelling that," Sergeant Miller told the court. "As Eric Knysz then came around the front of the building."

Sergeant Miller went on to say that one of the troopers yelled for Knysz to stop, and when he refused, the trooper fired two rounds. One of the shots hit Knysz in his left leg, forcing him to drop his weapon.

According to the court documents, during Knysz's interview with detectives, he admitted to stealing several firearms from his father, one of which he admitted was the weapon used to shoot Trooper Butterfield.

"One of them being the Colt Python .357 and he's admitted that was the weapon that he used to shoot Trooper Butterfield and also the weapon he had in his possession when he was arrested," Miller told the court.

Court documents also state that Sarah Knysz was a willing participant that night, and that she admitted in an interview to removing the battery from her cell phone so police would not be able to locate her and her husband during the crime.

In all, Eric Knysz is facing five charges in Manistee County, including receiving and concealing firearms, carrying a concealed weapon, unlawful driving away of a motor vehicle, and assault with a dangerous weapon. In Mason County, he faces five charges including murder of a police officer, felony firearms, carrying a concealed weapon, auto theft and being a second-time offender.

Sarah Knysz is facing one charge that relates to the stolen car. In Mason County, she is facing two felonies, the first for being an accessory after the fact to the murder of Trooper Butterfield. The second charge is unlawful driving away of an automobile. Both are five year felonies.

The couple is expected to be back in a Mason County courtroom on October 11.