Crawford Co. police shooting draws protest, parent outrage

Will Reddie was shot and killed by a Crawford County Sheriff's Deputy on February 3rd

Monday, several Grayling residents held a protest to show their concern over a police shooting earlier this month that left one man dead.

Will Reddie was killed on February 3rd at his home when a Crawford County Deputy, a Grayling City Police Officer, and two social workers showed up to serve a child protective services order

Authorities say Reddie came at an officer with a pocket-knife and that's when the deputy fired.

Outraged community members made it clear today they are angry over the death of 32 year old-old Will Reddie, who was shot and killed at his Grayling apartment

â??It's such an emotionally charged situation it should be handled in a different manner," said protester Janet Ledger.

Reddie was killed by a Crawford County Deputy when he reportedly lunged at an officer with a pocket knife. The deputy, city officer, and child protective services were at the apartment to take Reddie's son from the home.

â??I think that the police should apprehend and restrain the parents before they allow any state workers or public people to be allowed on the scene," says Ledger.

"To me, he was murdered, for no reason, that they shot him for no reason," said Reddieâ??s mother, Michelle VanBuren.

But Crawford County Sheriff Kirk Wakefield says his deputy acted as trained to protect his life and others.

â??You are taught to shoot until the threat has stopped, end of story," says Wakefield.

The parents claim there are discrepancies between the sheriffâ??s office and state police that are investigating the shooting, particularly how far Reddie was from the officer and deputy when the shot was fired.

â??If it's all said and done, and all the facts are gathered up and something was done wrong, then Iâ??ll deal with it, I always have and always will, as long as Iâ??m sitting at this desk. I don't see he did anything wrong right out of the gate, he did what he had to do," says Wakefield, who stands behind his officer.

â??They've got so many policies they can stand behind, I don't know what will happen. Iâ??m so ashamed of our own police officers," says VanBuren.

The men and women who came out to Mondayâ??s protest tell me they just want to see procedures change so this never happens again. As far as the little boy, right now, he's in protective custody at a foster home.

The VanBuren's tell us they plan to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the Crawford County Sheriff's Office once they know more about what happened.

Michigan State Police in Houghton Lake continue to investigate and hope to have their report complete soon.