Crews battle fire at historic Cadillac building

Crews from several departments were on scene of an abandoned warehouse fire in Cadillac for more than 12 hours.

A piece of Cadillac's history went up in flames at 10:40pm Sunday and lasted well into Monday. Fire crews packed up most of their equipment around noon at the Mitchell Corporation building on Wright Street.

â??There is going to be hot spots in here. We know that. The whole thing pancaked down so there's three or four layers in here, so there will be hot spots. We'll be coming back,â?? said Captain Randy Norman from the Cadillac Fire Department. He said the investigation into what caused the blaze is just starting.

â??I would say suspicious because there was no electricity, no gas, nothing going through the building so there's no real reason for it to start.â??

The building served several purposes during it's history. According to the Wexford County Historical Society companies such as Mitchell-Bentley, Cadillac Handle Company, Christ-Craft Boats and Mitchell Brothers Flooring Plant used the building.

An eye witness to the fire said he could see flames from Mitchell Street.

The fire captain said people living near the Mitchell Corporation building were never in danger of breathing in dangerous fumes.

â??It was a vacant building. It had been cleared out so there wasn't anything like hazardous chemicals or anything stored in the buildingâ?¦ we were lucky that it wasn't dry and in the summertime because there was a lot of embers (Sunday) night especially when the roof caved in. We had embers that were flying for probably 10 to 15 blocks."