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      Crop duster plane crashes near Gaylord

      A crop duster plane crashed just outside Gaylord this afternoon.

      Witnesses on the scene say flames were seen coming from the plane.

      â??I heard the crash, I called 911 and they wanted to know if I saw smoke so I ran and grabbed my phone, jumped into my vehicle and came down here where I found him,â?? Crash witness Michele Oâ??Rourke said.

      The crash happened near Estelle Road and Alba Road, just west of the Gaylord Country Club.

      The pilot is being taken to a hospital in Flint to be treated for severe burns.

      Crews were quick to put out the flames but investigators remained cautious because it had pesticides on board.

      â??We are still trying to determine how hazardous these chemicals are, but for the time being itâ??s keeping everybody away from the scene, so we can figure out what the chemicals are and how dangerous they are to handle.â?? MSP Trooper James Abel said.

      Investigators are still assessing the scene. They believe the hot summer heat may have been a contributing factor.