Damaged cars, thousands in stolen cash all tied to 7 suspects

Two patrol cars were damaged after a chase in Gaylord.

Tense moments Thursday morning as Michigan State Police chase a car through Downtown Gaylord reaching speeds of more than 90 miles an hour.

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The chase happened around 2:20 Thursday morning.

It all started with a breaking and entering that happened just a few hours before.

We have the details on this story of guns, cash and a chase caught on tape.

"It was an exciting evening," says Michigan State Police Trooper Chris Belt.

A traffic stop turned into a wild morning. A 17 year-old suspect in a breaking and entering case led police on a hot pursuit through Downtown Gaylord.

"Speeds up to 90 miles an hour right here in front of the post," explains driver of the cruiser with the dash cam Tpr. Dale Wilson.

The Ford pick-up tore through Main Street and almost lost it on a corner. Police caught up and the two and a half minute chase came to a crashing end, and after one final attempt to get away failed, police cars pushed the vehicle against a snow bank at Gobbler's Restaurant in Gaylord. One of the police cars took a minor blow. Trooper Dale Wilson was driving the cruiser that has some serious damage.

â??We took the opportunity to use the pit maneuver to disable the vehicle, at which time two of the patrol cars got involved and pushed the vehicle off the roadway and into the parking lot," says Wilson.

Tthe driver in the vehicle was arrested. He is the suspect of break-ins at two homes in Dover Township. In one home, he busted the door open with his foot and stole a safe and guns. The investigation led officers to the EconoLodge Motel in Gaylord.

â??In the hotel room, there was substantial, large amounts of cash were recovered, four guns that were taken, long guns that were taken were recovered, and in the end, we ended up with five people in jail right now, with multiple, various charges," says Belt.

Four men and one woman are in jail. Police believe tens of thousands of dollars were stolen.

â??It was just one of those circumstances where everything worked out and people were in the right places," says Belt.

The five suspects will spend tonight in the Otsego County jail awaiting their arraignment. The charges will vary, but one charge will carry through to all of them, and that's safe breaking and conspiracy to safe break. The maximum sentence on those charges? Life in prison.

Michigan State Police tell us there could be at least two more arrests.Charges range from Breaking and Entering, Safe Cracking, Conspiracy, Receiving and Concealing Stolen Property, Flee and Elude, Resisting and Obstructing, Felony Firearm and Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana.

The investigation is ongoing.