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      Dash cam video of Mayor Michael Estes arrest released

      Traverse City Police released dash cam video on Tuesday, that was recorded in a second patrol car that pulled up the night that Traverse City Mayor Michael Estes was arrested for drunk driving.

      Police say video from the first responding patrol car is unavailable because of an issue with the computer program, and that the officer's camera was not turned on.

      The video shows the two officers on scene who appear to be talking with him and possibly conducting sobriety tests as he stands just outside of the shot.

      One of the officers later escorts Estes to another car where he appears to be handcuffed.

      The other officer on scene then looks inside the Mayor's truck for something, and later pulls out his glasses case and wallet.

      The patrol cars leaves the scene, presumably with Estes riding in the first one.

      Estes was arrested the night of October 23 and taken to the Grand Traverse County Jail where he blew .120 BAC. Estes was in court on Monday where he plead guilty to impaired driving. He will be back in court on December 30 for a sentencing hearing.