Dead man billed for removing his own body after fatal car crash

The family said they also got an apology letter from the village.

A Northern Michigan family is outraged after their deceased family member received a bill for his own body removal.

The Mackinaw City Fire Department sent 64-year-old Carl Norman Little a bill for $500 after the car crash that killed him.

"I'm dumb-founded, frankly, with the whole thing," said Little's stepdaughter Rebecca Beck. "They billed my dad knowing that he was dead, because they removed his corpse and they sent it to him. And frankly, I just couldn't believe it."

Little was headed south on I-75 last month when he lost control of his car south of Mackinaw City. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Obviously you don't expect somebody that you had just seen prior to that to be gone so quickly," said Beck.

According to the Village of Mackinaw City's website, the village manager sent a letter to the family and is making sure this does not happen again. The manager said the bill should have been sent to Little's insurance company.

The family said they also got an apology letter from the village.

When Beck snapped the photo of the bill and shared it on Facebook, it went viral. The photo was shared more than 18,000 times.

Beck said she sent the photo out to make sure this never happened to anyone else.

"I never even got a chance to call in Mackinaw city," said Beck. "The bill went so viral that the public actually did it for me and they kind of took it out of my hands so I didn't have to deal with it, but the support of the community actually got the bill dealt with it."

According to Beck, the bill has been sent to the insurance company.