Deadly storms slam the south with a soggy week in forecast locally

While not all that green yet, periods of rain this week may help green things up heading into the beginning of May.

A powerful severe thunderstorm outbreak led to deadly weather across Arkansas while Northern Michigan prepares for a soggy week with rounds of rain in the forecast.

A large sprawling low pressure system sits over Nebraska as of Monday morning. This system will get cut off from the main flow of weather across the U.S. this week and stall out over the Great Lakes region most of this week with rain in the forecast each day all the way through next Saturday.

In the warmer portion of this storm along a cold front in the Southern U.S., severe weather developed Sunday evening with up to 18 fatalities overnight, most of them in Arkansas from tornadoes which swept through parts of that region. The largest tornado this year developed west of Little Rock and then ravaged the northern suburbs of Arkansas's capital city before growing up to a half mile wide and tracking 80 miles across Central Arkansas.

Another potential outbreak of severe weather is expected today targeting much of Mississippi, parts of Alabama into Central Tennessee.

Northern Michigan thankfully does not have to deal with any severe weather, but a wet week is on tap as periods of rain will roll through beginning Monday night and lasting all the way into next Saturday. Just through Wednesday evening there is a good shot for at least an inch if not close to two inches of rain for a few locations. The fact that the rain will be spread out over multiple days should allow river systems to handle it, but we certainly could see some rises once again on areas rivers/streams.

In general temperatures should remain mainly below normal this week with clouds and rain around. However, a brief push of warmer air will try to work in Tuesday afternoon with locations like Big Rapids and Clare perhaps getting close to 70F for a period of time. Thunderstorms could occur Tuesday into Wednesday across Northern Michigan, but no severe weather is expected here locally.