Delinquent readers may see dip in credit scores

Libraries are starting to work with collection agencies to get back lost books and overdue fees.

A Detroit-area library has made headlines after it decided to crack down on people who are delinquent with their books and movies.

The library is working with a collection agency to get it's books and late fees back.

In the last five years, the library has lost about $40,000 worth of items. It is now working with a collection agency to crack down on cardholders who have more than $20 in overdue items.

The collection agency, just like any other collection agency, can alert credit organizations if an item isn't returned or paid for.

The Traverse Area District Library is no different. In fact, it actually uses the same collection agency to crack down on delinquent readers.

7&4 News is speaking with library officials and will have more details on the crack down today.